Friday, December 16, 2005

Hello, Internets.

Oh, Internets, how I have missed you. I have been sadly neglectful in keeping you abreast of the new developments in my life. There are new grad students, and a new apartment which is a whole different kind of broken from my last one, and so many cute antics on the part of the cats that I could not possibly tell you about them all.
Not to mention new knitting and a planned ice cream experiment. I will start now, with a conversation I frequently have with Sienna.
Sienna talks to me. A lot. I've started talking back. This is how our conversation goes from my side:

Sienna: Mraaah
Me: What's that, Sienna?
Sienna: Meeeeeeeer
Me: Timmy's fallen down the old well? Oh, no!
Sienna: Mrrrrrraaaaur
Me: Unfortunately, I am much too busy with homework to go off and rescue careless children.
Sienna: Ark?
Me: You'll have to go yourself.
Sienna: Roooahnnn
Me: Rope's in the closet.
Sienna: (angry squeaking noises)

I suspect this is how these conversations sound to her:

Sienna, Princess of the cat world: Pay attention to me.
Me, lowly peon: (those noises adults make in Charlie Brown cartoons)
Sienna, Princess of the cat world: It has been at least two minutes since you've thrown the bouncy mouse.
Me: Wauh wauh, wauh wauh wauh.
Sienna, Princess of the cat world: Tell me I'm pretty.
Me: Wauh wauh wuah, wauh wauh wauh wauh, wauh!
Sienna, Princess of the cat world: Now!
Me: Wauh wauh. Wuah wauh wauh wauh.
Sienna, Princess of the cat world: You're being flippant, aren't you? I hate you.
Me: Wauh wauh wauh.
Sienna, Princess of the cat world: I'm going to eat your face while you sleep.

Around this time Ochre usually comes and pins Sienna down and bites her for a while. Sienna's a pretty bitter cat.


At 12/17/2005 2:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

hurrah and welcome back!
love ya!


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