Sunday, August 21, 2005

Home again, Home again

We are back from Maine. Things which happened:
-Fuz and I, Mom and Bob, Eric and Susie, and Hillary and Ben met up at Seng Thai in Portland. Everyone got along like a house on fire. Much Pad Thai was eaten.
-Went to camp. Lovely night swim.
-Hung around. I am sure that Fuz will relate the story of the accidental 25-mile bike ride he and his father went on.
-Went swimming everyday. Ditto kayaking. Picked buckets of blueberries from various islands on the lake. Made blueberry Swedish pancakes with blueberry sauce. Made blueberry jam. Made blueberry crumble. You've seen Charlie and the Chocolate factory? I have two words for you: Violet Beauregarde.
-I did a watercolor of the view from camp for mom.
-Went back to Mom's in Cape Elizabeth.
-Went shopping with Mom. New shoes!
-Went to visit Grammie. Boring. Moved giant oak file cabinet I intend to inherit. Ate Italians.
-Went to Two Lights. Looked at ocean. Collected shells.
-Came home.
-Found that cat sitters had left a Stench. A bad, bad Stench. Stench Which Walks Like A Man. Opened windows. Took out trash. Cleaned things. (This phase actually went into today. We spent several hours cleaning today.) The Stench is now mostly gone. May it never return.


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