Monday, July 04, 2005

So shiny

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Fuz has been craving a bicycle. The main impediment was lack of storage space. Saturday we saw Landlord Jay (actually Property Manager Jay) as we were taking out the recycling. Fuz mentioned his problem and asked if he could store the hypothetical bike in the laundry room. Landlord Jay said not in the laundry room, but the storage space would be fine.
Storage space? We have a storage space?
Apparently yes. He showed us where the mysterious door at the back of the building leads. A little dimly lit hallway with small storage spaces. And at the back, a bunch of crap. Bookshelves, dressers, china, and two bikes. So we took the bookshelves.
Now let me tell you a secret. I hate biking. It's sweaty, it's uncomfortable, it's just no fun. I didn't even learn to ride without training wheels until I was ten. But this bicycle... it's so pretty. I could not resist its shiny red pull. Pretty lines, an upright posture, a wide cushy seat. And in beautiful condition.
Okay, in reality it was filthy and had obviously been abandoned for years. Both tires were completely flat. But the paint job looked pretty good.
Anyway, we cleaned it up, oiled the chain and sprockets, filled the tires, and it's great. It turns out I don't hate biking. I just hate biking fast and hunched over. Now that I can sit up and look around and go as slow as I please, it's pretty fun. Yay.


At 7/07/2005 10:27 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Okay, so this has little (ahem, nothing) to do with your shiny new bike, but I had to share & didn't feel like opening up my email.
I showed Aaron the pictures of your cats on Flickr, after telling him that your cats were cuter than Lunchbox, and he wants you to know that in order to make Lunchbox cuter than your cats he will be experimenting with barettes. I promise pictures will be taken!

At 7/08/2005 12:15 AM, Blogger Marie said...

That is a gorgeous bicycle. I also never knew the joys of biking until I adjusted the seat. Hunched over no more, I am now obsessed with cycling around town, discovering new and potentially dangerous territory. It has become pretty serious -- my bicycle already needs a new chain.

At 7/08/2005 5:35 PM, Blogger K said...

Kara- They are older now, and slightly less cute, but it would still take more than barrettes to make me think that another cat is cuter!
I look forward to his attempts.


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