Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jammie Pilfering Motherfuckers.

Someone stole half my laundry.
The darks.
I took the darks out of the dryer and put them in my giant purple laundry bag, put the lights in the dryer and went back upstairs. When I went down to retrieve my nice, freshly cleaned clothing, the lights were still in the dryer, but the bag of dark laundry was no where to be seen.
Who steals laundry?
There is a door to the outside in the laundry room. It is frequently left open.
Downstairs-neighbor-Brian said he saw strange men knocking on doors just after the time I left my laundry. He heard them go into the laundry room.
They got most of my pants.
My new favorite pants.
My black linen capri pants with a broken belt loop that I loved anyway.
Many t-shirts.
And my pj pants.
They stole my jammies.
Jammie stealing bastards.

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