Saturday, May 13, 2006

The End of the Semester

The semester is over! Yay living in Silver Spring! Yay no homework! Yay actually blogging!
I'm in Ithaca, having moved 90% of my belongings to storage. Fuz came up yesterday and helped me move, then we drove here for his cousin Ben's graduation from Ithaca College. Tomorrow we will drive back to Silver Spring with a brief stop in Philadelphia to get the other 10% of my belongings.

Things I Will Miss About My Old Apartment:
-My awesome stove. Will post pictures soon.
-Free satellite TV. Somewhere on cable, Law & Order is always playing.

Things I Will Not Miss About My Old Apartment:
-Moving the car for street cleaning
-Constant anxiety about my car getting broken into after it happened that one time.
-The dripping kitchen sink
-The lack of lighting in the kitchen
-A police officer was shot and killed two blocks down the street on Monday. I heard the gunshots. I was never really comfortable in the apartment after that. The neighborhood is not bad, it's lower middle-class, people plant flowers and take walks. I thought it was pretty safe. Apparently not safe enough for Gary Skerski, though.


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