Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me.

In DC. Had an excellent day yesterday. Went to see Neil Gaiman read from Anansi Boys. Walked around the National Book Festival. Walked around the anti-war protest, which was great. Went to see Luke and Jenny, who, having evacuated from New Orleans to Houston, have now evacuated from Houston to Jenny's parents' in Bethesda. Met nephew Ryder for the fist time. He was extraordinarily cute and sleepy. Huge eyes. Fuz took Dad and I to the Tako Grill for dinner. V. good sushi. Dad gave me an iPod for my birthday. Yay! Went to dessert at Kramer/Afterwords. Tried to buy myself a birthday present, but they were sold out of Anansi Boys. Will find it elsewhere. All around excellent day. Today: back to Philly, homework.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dear Internets,

I have missed you since moving to Philly. I have a lovely new apartment, which I hope someday to unpack. This apartment does not have the Internets yet, I am still working on that. Hope to see you soon, Internets.