Monday, June 27, 2005

Old Songs

Fuz and I went to Old Songs this weekend. It's a wonderful folk songs festival in Altamont, NY. I loved, loved, loved it.
High points:
- Faith Petric. I can only hope that when I am ninety years of age, I will be like Faith. I wish I was more like her right now. She's a Wobbly, a lovely woman, and a great singer. And she's so happy.
- Michael Cooney. The man has wonderful shoes. Also a great musician.
- Nightingale. Good music on New England and French Canadian themes, such as mills, unhappiness, and black flies.
- The Arrogant Worms. Actual song lyrics (disowned by 66.66% of the band, but sung with great joy by Mike) "I pulled my groin! I pulled my groin! It hurts when I skate, but it doesn't hurt when I master- I pulled my groin! I pulled my groin!"
- The IWW songs workshop. V. powerful. Great to listen to Faith talk about the history of the IWW, much of which she witnessed.
- Pesto Crepes.
- Murder Most Foul workshop. A whole hour of songs based on my favorite theme. What could be better?

Low Points:
- It was really, really hot and sticky.
- Port-a-potties. In the heat, y'all. Not so good.
- I'm realizing that while I would really like to be the sort of person who enjoys camping, I am most definitely the sort of person who enjoys air-conditioning. Also real beds.

Going back next year.


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